Second Novel Available for Pre-ordering

Trials of the Hierophant by Ethan Risso

The wait is finally over. The second book in The Sundered Kingdoms Trilogy is available for pre-order.

Be sure to order before its release date (Jan 5, 2016) to take advantage of the loyalty discount price of $1.99 for returning readers!… [Continue reading]



Fantasy World Building Tips: Basics

A friend of mine recently told me if she were to write anything, it would be fantasy, and asked me for world building tips to better her writing. She thought world building was something you could throw together, reasoning: “You can just make up anything you want to have it fit your plot.” While a nice thought, it is a little further from the truth than you might think.… [Continue reading]



Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)—What is it?

Parts of a Book Self Publishing Basics

What is an LCCN?

Assigned by the United States Library of Congress, an LCCN is a reference number used to locate the bibliographic data of a book published in the United States. Unlike an ISBN, your LCCN does not refer to a specific edition or format, and can be used for hardcover, paperback, and subsequent editions of the same book.… [Continue reading]



Tying Up Loose Threads

There is always a bit of anxiety mixed in with the excitement of finishing a book. As I, finally, completed the second book, I had to be certain important pay-offs in the third book were properly set up. I suppose I could work on the book ad infinitum, adding more and more to plot and characterization to the point the book becomes bloated—a downfall all writers seek to avoid.… [Continue reading]



The Importance of Character Names

As anyone who loves language knows, words contain power, and there is nothing more powerful in any language than a name. Knowing this, it was important to me when I started writing to come up with the perfect character name for not only the main characters but minor characters as well.… [Continue reading]



Revision Progress on the Second Manuscript

In some ways, it feels like I only just finished writing the first draft of the second novel. Then I remember just how many hours I have spent toiling away writing, revising, and writing more.

I’ve found I never really get to that apocryphal moment of glorious closing wherein I’m able to finally type The End on the Royal typewriter and allow myself the mythical one cigarette and glass of champagne per year ala James Caan in Misery.… [Continue reading]