Artistry of the Printed Book

As any life-long lover of books can appreciate, there is something about the physicality of a book that is romantic in nature. From the way the pages feel between your fingers, to the heady aroma of an old book—books can be intoxicating to any collector.

While it may be different for others, I do not think the reality of being a published author set in for me until I held the first proof copy in my hand. Until seeing it in print, a physical manifestation of my work, it was still just tucked away in the confines of the digital world on my computer.

The following are book mock-ups in Photoshop created to proof the layout of the final hardcover edition of Gambit of the Glass Crowns, including the front matter map illustration, title page frontispiece, and page spread (including the chapter headings.)Fantasy Map, Cartography, Book Design

Copyright Page, Copyright, Title Page, Frontispiece

Book Design, Page Spread, Self Publishing

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