Trials of the Hierophant

Trials of the Hierophant
$14.95$11.95eBook: $3.95
Series: The Sundered Kingdoms Trilogy, Book 2
Publisher: Rookpen Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780989260732
With the bitterest of conflicts reignited, war rages in Dweömer.

As the seeds of fear and doubt germinate within the kingdoms, Connor takes up the mantle of a new position in Arlais only to find himself plagued with new responsibilities, presenting his greatest challenge. For, as he soon finds, he has a powerful foe not only in Annwyd, but from within Arlais itself.

Far from the forest, Gawain ventures westward to confront enemies he never thought to meet. Unable to turn to those he trusts most, he finds new allies in the unlikeliest of places.

Meanwhile in Cærwyn Castle, Queen Bronwen faces a new danger from far closer than she could have imagined as her popularity among the people soars.

Amid betrayal, conspiracy, battle, and romance, the very balance of the world shifts beneath their feet as old alliances are called into question and new ones forged surrounded by the clashing of swords.

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