Patreon and Writers

In the ever-evolving landscape of publishing, writers find themselves faced both with new struggles and new opportunities. One of the opportunities now available actually seeks to help with some of the struggles: Patreon.

What used to be solely in the hands of the publishing house is now in the hands of the author: paying editors, a proofreader, cover art, advertising, etc. Everyone knows quality comes at a cost, and to bring my readers the content and quality I strive for (and you expect) I think I need some help now that I’m back in school—no matter how much I, and many others, hate to admit needing help. Not to mention, it also gives you more opportunities to interact with me in terms of seeing new content, discussing the books themselves, or even possibly becoming a beta reader.

What are your thoughts? Any other artists/writers want to chime in? What about those of you who have become patrons of writers and artists before? Would you be interested?

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